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The River


The lakes and rivers around Mildura have a long history as popular destinations for lovers of all things aquatic.

Take a dip

Mildura is home to Australia's only inland Lifesaving Club, which patrols the waters off the white sands of Apex Beach. Visitors are often surprised to find dozens of pristine, white sandy beaches along the Murray River that are surrounded by native flora and are safe places to swim. The Karadoc Sandbar is another popular beach with an enclosure to ensure the safety of children.

The Murray River

As the world's seventh largest river and one of the world's longest navigable rivers, the Murray River has a long and important history to the people who live on or around it.

The Darling River

The Darling River is the longest river in Australia, flowing 2,739km from northern New South Wales to its confluence with the Murray River at Wentworth, near Mildura.

Water safety

Follow these simple safety rules and enjoy a great day on the region's rivers and waterways.

Experience historic paddleboats

Discover riverboat history on an historic paddleboat. Choose from on-board dining, shorter river cruises, and transport to attractions along the Murray River.


Explore the river as captain of your own houseboat. Choose from small, medium and large, luxury and budget boats.


The lakes and rivers around Mildura have a long history of fishing, from the first Aboriginal inhabitants to contemporary enthusiasts hoping to land a legendary Murray cod.

Discover Mildura by boat

Get in or on the waters of Mildura's lakes and rivers - paddle a canoe or kayak, join a tour, hire a vessel or learn to sail.


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