About Mildura Tourism

In north western Victoria and south western NSW we have a unique cross-border charter and our mission is to promote the Mildura region domestically and internationally as a premier holiday destination, providing strategic direction for the region's tourism marketing, industry professionalism and new product development.

As an independent incorporated organisation, Mildura Tourism is a membership-based industry association. We are a not for profit organisation legally constituted under the Associations' Incorporation Act. Mildura Tourism has updated its model rules to conform to the Associations' Incorporation Reform Act, 2012.

While encouraging professionalism and best practice in the local industry, Mildura Tourism professionally and proactively markets the region's diverse range of attributes to both domestic and international markets, and aims to create a sustainable future for the entire Mildura and Wentworth community.

Mildura Tourism gratefully acknowledges Mildura Rural City Council as our main funding provider, with more than $570,000 provided by council each year to our regional tourism body.

Mildura Tourism is responsible for:
1. Brand promotion ensuring relevant and continually refreshed appeal of our tourism products and experiences.

2. Marketing: Undertake effective marketing activities for the region at domestic and international levels. This includes conducting and using qualitative and quantitative research to target specific segments via marketing campaigns and developing multi-platform motivational and informational collateral.

3. Product and professional development: Encourage development of new tourism products; provide professional excellence opportunities for industry; and foster industry development throughout the region.

4. Communication and partnerships: Develop and maintain partnerships with strategic regional and domestic stakeholders

Contact us: 
(For Administration and Marketing) 
03 5021 0599
62 Madden Avenue, Mildura, 3500
PO Box 3103, Mildura, 3502

How to
contact us

Mildura Visitor Information
and Booking Centre

Ph: +61 3 5018 8380 or
Freecall 1800 039 043 (within Australia)
E: tourism@mildura.vic.gov.au

Wentworth Visitor Information Centre
Ph: +61 3 5027 5080