Marketing Activities

Our TV Ad Campaigns
Television campaigns throughout regional Victoria, Adelaide and regional SA, as well as regional NSW spearhead our television marketing activities. In recent years our TV campaigns have been refreshed and updated to promote the appeal of our many and diverse tourism products and experiences. Click here to view our various TV commercials.
Co-op Opportunities
In the main, Mildura Tourism's TV campaigns promote brand awareness. However when we are in market, we strongly encourage local operators to join us in price-point tactical campaigns which build on the Mildura brand but specifically direct consumers to advertised product. If you would like to be involved in Mildura Tourism's co-op TV and marketing activities please contact out office on
(03) 5021 0599.

Digital & Social Media
Mildura Tourism continues to market our region digitally via You Tube and the social media channels Facebook and twitter. These mediums are integrated into all of our marketing activities. Mildura Tourism also uses its Facebook page and twitter account to continually promote a number of events and activities happening in our region.
Click the icons below to join us on our social media pages.
International Activities
Mildura Tourism's main international marketing activities target New Zealand tourism trade and consumers. However we work with the international offices of both Tourism Victoria and Tourism Australia to leverage industry and consumer awareness that these peak tourism bodies continue to build globally. Mildura Tourism's largest overall international market is continental Europe, while our largest single source markets around the world are New Zealand, the U.K and the U.S.A. Mildura Tourism is closely monitoring visitor growth from emerging markets in Asia and China.