Local Produce

Mildura is known as a major 'food bowl' and prides itself on the abundance of fresh, locally grown produce. Whether you're purchasing from one of our many markets or indulging in a dish served at local eateries around the region - Mildura is a foodie's delight.

From paddock to plate:
Fish & Meat
Murray cod and Mallee lamb are coveted local produce renowned for their quality and flavoursome eating. Prime Mallee Lamb has been trademarked in recognition of its quality in the region since 1996 and is renowned for its weight, size and eating quality. It is also recognised for the clean, green environment in which they are produced. Look out for it on local menus, many restaurants have it as a signature dish and present it in different ways.

Fruit, nuts & veggies
Mildura is an oasis of orchards and market gardens growing citrus, carrots, asparagus, olives, nuts, mushrooms, melons and more.

The Mildura region grows the following percentages of Australia's fresh produce:
98% of Australia's dried vine fruit
75% table grapes
69% almonds
48% pistachios
24% citrus
20% of wine grape crush
13% carrots
9% asparagus

Murray River Salt
Murray River Salt is loved by foodies and top chefs across Australia and around the world. The concentrated brine is pumped up from an ancient inland sea, where the water travels through several canals before making its way to crystallizer ponds. The brine is evaporated by the sun and crystallizes over the summer months where it is then harvested and transported to a nearby processing plant to be washed, dried and packaged.

Murray River Salt’s pink salt flake product has been awarded 2 Golden Stars by the prestigious International Taste Quality Institute which is based in Brussels.

Local day tour operators Discover Mildura, have exclusive access to the operational mining site of the Murray River Salt.

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