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7 secret sandbars in Mildura

If you thought sand-between-your-toes moments were reserved for coastal towns, we’ve got good news for you, Mildura delivered in (buckets and) spades.
Home to several sandbars connected to the Murray River (aka river beaches), Mildura has you covered when you’re looking for a place to cool off when the temperature rises.
From long, narrow patches of sand, to sandbars bigger than football fields, get to know where to unfurl your beach towel when visiting Mildura with this guide.

Rochelle Vaisanen

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1. Dareton sandbar

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Looking for somewhere where you can kick off the shoes and relax after a morning of sightseeing?
Spend your morning visiting local Wentworth attractions, from Perry Sandhills to the Old Wentworth Gaol, before finding your way down to Dareton sandbar to unwind.
To engage holiday mode, leave the lunch preparation for someone else and head to the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club and sit down to a meal and coldie at their bistro before setting up the beach umbrella.
As you navigate your way back from the sporting club towards Mildura, passing through Dareton, take River Road (off Silver City Highway) and follow south where you’ll get to Sandbar Road junction.
Turning into a gravel and solid dirt track, this will take you to the river bend where you’ll find a long stretch of river beach to enjoy.
2. Abbotsford Bend sandbar

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Who says you can’t combine a history lesson with a relaxing day in the sun?
Put Abbotsford Bend on your to-sandbar list to catch a glimpse of Australia’s only remaining lift span bridge – Abbotsford Bridge – from the comfort of your beach towel.
Plan a stop in the town of Merbein on the way, halfway between Mildura and Abbotsford Bend, exploring the local walking trails and lookout and stock up on last-minute picnic supplies to fuel you for your day on the sand and water.
3. Karadoc sandbar

Adrenaline junkies, we’re looking at you.
If you prefer to pair your sand-between-the-toes moments with some heart-rate spiking adventure, plan a beach day at Karadoc sandbar, 30 minutes’ drive from Mildura or 15 minutes south of Red Cliffs.
With a boat ramp, toilet facilities and plenty of safe places to moor a houseboat, it’s become a popular place for locals and visitors to spend a few hours of their day or overnight.
To access Karadoc sandbar, take Kulkyne Way south of Red Cliffs and turn onto Edey Road, following it for just shy of four kilometres.
4. Police Bend sandbar

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Calling all campers, head to Police Bend in Nangiloc (known as Nangiloc sandbar by locals), on the Victorian side of the Murray River.
While it’s a little tricky to find (Google Maps will tell you it’s on Big Tree Road in New South Wales), the easiest way to find it is to follow Kulkyne Way to the Nangiloc General Store and Tavern.
Behind the Tavern is the Nangiloc Recreational Reserve where you’ll find heavy red clay tracks south of the reserve that will lead you to the Police Bend sandbar.  
Given the terrain to reach the river beach, it’s best accessed by 4WD and may be difficult to navigate following rain.
If you are looking for somewhere to pitch the tent and overnight, the best remote camping spots are on the eastern side of Nangiloc Recreation Reserve.
Make sure you fuel up with petrol, groceries – including home-cooked meals – or stop in for a meal at the tavern bistro serving food from Wednesday to Sunday before finding a spot to secure the pegs into the ground.
With the entrance to Hattah-Kulkyne National Park a short 15 minutes’ drive away, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of holiday days up your sleeve to explore the whole region.
5. Graces Bend sandbar

Are you the type of person who likes to go off-grid? We hear you.
Located 40 minutes from Mildura, passing through Nangiloc and Colignan, Graces Bend is popular with those who prefer a location more secluded (read: you’ll need a 4WD even when dry to access).
Known for its sandstone reefs, you’ll want to pack your rod and reel and test your angling skills with the local fish habitats. While the reefs make it the perfect spot for fishing, water skiing and other water sports are not recommended.
6. Apex RiverBeach

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You don’t have to venture far from Mildura CBD to unfurl your beach towel, with Apex Park a short three-kilometre drive away off Cureton Avenue.  
Choose to spend a few hours in the sun or enjoy access at any time overnighting at Apex River Beach Holiday Park.
For the day trippers, Apex Park sandbar has you covered with public amenities as well as a boat ramp to launch your watercraft of choice straight into the Murray River.
With bitumen road access the whole way, this is one beach break you don’t need a 4WD for. If you’re staying in town, take the scenic route along the shared bike and walkway and head there by foot and enjoy the cool water reward on arrival.
7. Honey Bar & Rooftop Mildura

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While there’s no sand in sight here, the Honey Bar & Rooftop Mildura (known as the Sandbar Pub by locals, the name it operated under for the past 13 years) is a local favourite with Mildura’s largest licensed beer garden.
Located on the corner of Langtree Avenue and Eight Street, it’s the perfect location to quench your thirst after a day on the local beaches or stop by for sundowners and watch as the sun drops below the horizon from the balcony.
Known as the home of Mildura’s live music scene, make sure you plan ahead to see who is playing during your visit.

As our region experiences different water levels, from winter through to summer. We recommend planning by visiting Murray Darling Basin Authority where you can check the flow rate of the river and water levels. For the best beach access, you’ll want to visit when the river level sits below 10,000 megalitres.